Themes and Topics

Call for paper

(1) Wireless power transfer technology and systems
Various near-field, far-field, ultrasonic, laser and other WPT systems, related power electronics, radio frequency and microwave, measurement, communication, optimization design, modeling and control, integrated circuit and other technologies.
(2) Coupling mechanism and electromagnetic field of wireless power transfer systems
New coupling mechanism design, electromagnetic field modeling and simulation, operating environment and external disturbance analysis, foreign object detection, biological safety, electromagnetic compatibility and shielding, etc.
(3) Latest developments in wireless power transfer system
New WPT schemes, new wireless energy harvesting technology, dynamic WPT, bi-directional WPT, new power electronic devices, new shielding and magnetic materials, etc.
(4) Wide applications
Applications of WPT in in various electronic devices, medical implant devices, electric vehicles, AGV, rail transit, special land/sea/air environments and other complex application scenarios.